Graven Grotto

Bookshelf - storygames made with Twine (
I am a man.

(short) [linear] expandable autobiographical poetry about ftm transtion. first ever twine.

Jones N. Forbuts and the Secret of the Golden Butt

(medium-length) [choice-minimal] collab with nife: drunken dadaist comedy about the 2016 election & usa politics

garbage boyy

(short) [choice-minimal] social poetry, dadaist, depressed, minimalist, blinding


2020 (short) [linear] collab with nife: anthropomorphic comedy

Toybox - html/js games & widgets

(short) minimalist clicker game, digital prize at the end & secret post-game funtion

That was a long night partying.

(short) tiny pixel exploration game. an autobiographical apology for anxiety-driven control issues


[unfinished] special-paradigm magic divination card deck simulator. info forthcoming

Crystal Breeder

[unfinished] shape clone toy.